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How to Payment Details

Payment Details via Bank Transfer

Payment Notification

Bank Details / Notification of service payment


For existing customers

– If you have used our services before, please log in to view payment details.
– You can also find payment details in the email sent by our system.


Receipt Requests

– To request a receipt, please include a note or email us at  support@artisanlightingphuket.net or via LINE ID: @artisanlighting  with the name and address where you would like the receipt to be sent.
– If you do not request a receipt, we will not send one retroactively.


Withholding Tax Deduction

– For companies that deduct withholding tax, please scan and email the withholding tax certificate to support@artisanlightingphuket.net or via LINE ID: @artisanlighting after payment.
– Additionally, please send the original document to our office by mail.


Payment Methods

You can choose from several payment methods:

1. Bank Counter Transfer: Visit any bank branch to make a transfer.
2. ATM Transfer: Use any bank’s ATM to make a transfer.
3. Internet Banking: Use your bank’s online banking service to make a transfer.


– After completing the transfer, please keep the proof of payment as a reference for payment confirmation.